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greeble few - the day the new photocopiers arrived (2001) this is my favourite grimes track tho Mr G and Rich - Terminal Window (Vinyl LP) NicknFloDeon grimes - so heavy i fell through the earth socially distanced sounds: johnny marr - getting away with it i'm worried joe wicks can see me listen to the ape topical doctor who on britbox (paywall/subscription) this morning. pandemic. also, some ugly colonialism, an attack on 1960s youth culture (moptops! but they're savages. dodo! must speak 'properly'), michael sheard though i didn't realise it was him and a lot to enjoy as a phonetician/linguist i love the jhs youtube videos, but thought this one was especially excellent. great music, production, people. i love how much these people love what they do socially distanced parenting ideas: ill-advised plague diary and now's not to the time to read the road socially distanced reading: cosey fanni tutti - art sex music socially distanced sounds: belly - low red moon spoil a perfectly pleasant self-isolation by listening to the gert lassitude demo tape march '20 stumbled across this and now hope you do too. reminds me a bit of old canadian kids tv show the odyssey, which was also great midway through this. have been enjoying it judy speedway - happy these people are great 'parties make me feel like an alien in a person suit' interesting. if you're here like us you're almost inevitably 100 years too old for this to be relevant, but thinking about the music scene i grew up in (britpop era, record labels throwing money at, well, everyone but us) this morning i was pondering the fact you don't see 'send us your music' type things from influential organisations/people so much now luke's recent record is probably my favourite rekkid of late actually. while we're talking about luke this new skills apartheid luke's new podcast thing project hindsight. fill in a questionnaire on data loss the trip sort of means to me what fight club did when i was 22 this idea didn't go anywhere. maybe you can do something with it. go wild. (.zip REAPER multitrack with WAVs, 410mb) hammond song is special i wish i was super7 mr g and rich - terminal window michael put me on to this: a marvellous book, sort of 'zooming in' on one chapter of a book previously mentioned here. well written - meticulously written - journalism, like a very good, very long graun long read vent 414 - life before you not really possible to understate the impact winamp had on my life, or justin frankel's work in general oil seed rape - parker knoll ep laurence fox brain tumour ich bin ein auslander stumbled into one of these mobile-free pubs recently and thought it was marvellous reading this because it cropped up when trying to find something published that supported my opinion that audio recording is nothing more than a fancy metaphor colonialism byline times. different news media? haven't investigated enough but reassured by presence of a friend mr g plays a g fragility found on a hard drive. 2016? i like it when the acoustic guitar comes in. cultural brexit