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sledgehammer's brilliant. fun quick breakdown of what's going on # g skinflowers # 'how did it come to this?' - i like john niven # 'terminal window' is also on spotify (linked) and other streaming services. enjoy # powerful - someone saying 'stop'. # nice thoughtful review of recent kingmaker boxset, which i only just discovered had been released. i loved this band # luke stidson released an amazing record a while back called anaglyphs. we've crossed paths many many times, and it was a joy to work with him on terminal window back in 2017. he's just written this fabulous piece at # our pre-millennial classic 'skinflowers - data in a hurry' is now available on those modern streaming sites, with more to follow. go rediscover it. # thoughtful thesis on the interplay of resurgent fascism and the virus. especially interesting in the context of the theatre proposed by outgoing wannabe despot re: discharge from medical centre (search: independent walter reed superman t-shirt) # styles --> kurt --> bowie. still has a kick. # 'I got a 2.1 because of you' # i just woke up one morning and it struck me that i was a murderer. so i quit. # fuck that shit # 'As you can see, this is not a uniform experience of chaos' # same site as the gng link. i strongly agree # ghosts n goblins # For me, police work was a logic puzzle for arresting people, regardless of their actual threat to the community. # i always liked websites like this, and love it when i come across them now, now they're less of a given. # coincidentally just finished reading kushner's masters of doom. some sort of legally stuff means this page has disappeared, also from web.archive. pdf linked # a fast, searchable archive of winamp skins, from before everything looked the same (and was often hella ugly) # the last one # cataclysm: dark days ahead # awesome (old) computer graphics exhibit # my deoderant hides the real me # the coming war on general computation # benevolent sexism # under heavy manners. 'remain in hell without despair'. fripp! byrne! busta jones! # we're not in this together # have always loved this linda mccartney photo # interesting to see this explained so clearly/a process made transparent # 'bet you didn't think it'd happen to you, all used up halfway through' # 'this is how it begins' # fear of the liar # everything has really gone to shit since david bowie died # silence is health - how totalitarianism arrives # a lot of truth in this # happy memory of sitting on a beach in devon last year reading a locally sourced viz, private eye and a 2000ad # read this # rip it up and start again # fuck it. a flock of seagulls today # never really paid much attention to the cult, but have always loved billy duffy's guitar playing # highly recommend this - dorohedoro # bowie + reznor # what religion or reason could drive a man to forsake his lover # nice post about the atari logo. other interesting stuff on the site too. # constantly return to this on popular video streaming site, only recently discovered it wasn't an 'official' release but a fan produced project. amazing. tilda happened to ask while it was on why i don't wear colourful clothes. i pointed at the screen, said 'see these people? if this was in colour it'd still look black and white'. nin - cold and black and infinite # dord # obstinate by the chaos engine is one of my favourite albums, and the further we get from it in time, the more I find it remarkable. it's here, free. # another great old fashioned website. this time someone's obsession with contra/gryzor # discussed with rich the other day that the atari st was clearly everyone's favourite member of skinflowers. # 2001? possibly. probably. gloucester guildhall, which was always a thrill to play. a proper PA, stage, lights ... # 1998 # didn't see the tvgohome series at the time but found them on youtube the other day. the continuity framework - genuinely eerie and disturbing - works better than the more conventional sketches. # on a theme today. there's some great stuff here - nice old skool site about arcades # the curse of atari # how are dictionaries made? # reminded today of being obsessed with getting turbosynth running and using it to process guitar synth sounds buried in the background # of this song # lovely reminder of what people used the internet for before they used it for tracking # 'data reveals uk public's relaxed attitude ...' - please don't hand big tech cunts endless data on yourselves that allows them to form media narratives about how 'we' all feel about something. it's not worth the convenience of a map on phone. # i remember this cover tape being the best thing ever as a ten year old crash magazine reader who only ever played the first level of things anyway # hi score girl (netflix / subscription) - i adored this # fell down a jeff minter shaped wiki hole. i was unaware of this # this week's rick and morty takes apart storytelling, its own existence, and fandom, while telling a story and being an excellent episode of rick and morty. totes amazeballs. # new twin falls single # dan donovan - mooseshack sessions. arms of clare! # you're all potential, maybe. you haven't disappointed anybody yet, baby. # chaos emergency broadcast # mr g and rich - mild comic violence (spacewolf version). an alternative mix from the terminal window sessions with a bit of contemporary live footage. # week 4ish and older musicians everywhere are telling their children they're in the band now (ace results tho) # prompted by seeing the news about matthew seligman - the soft boys - underwater moonlight # somehow the nme managed a listicle on the best videogame soundtracks without including this # sometimes it feels like a struggle to make anything sound right. annoyingly neil finn doesn't seem to suffer from this. he always makes it look effortless # ludicrously intense young men squash live performance through realmedia codec for earlyish example of livestreaming (2001) # pj harvey - jools holland 2004 # greeble few - the day the new photocopiers arrived (2001) # this is my favourite grimes track tho # Mr G and Rich - Terminal Window (Vinyl LP) # NicknFloDeon # grimes - so heavy i fell through the earth # socially distanced sounds: johnny marr - getting away with it # i'm worried joe wicks can see me # listen to the ape # topical doctor who on britbox (paywall/subscription) this morning. pandemic. also, some ugly colonialism, an attack on 1960s youth culture (moptops! but they're savages. dodo! must speak 'properly'), michael sheard though i didn't realise it was him and a lot to enjoy as a phonetician/linguist # i love the jhs youtube videos, but thought this one was especially excellent. great music, production, people. i love how much these people love what they do # socially distanced parenting ideas: ill-advised plague diary and now's not to the time to read the road # socially distanced reading: cosey fanni tutti - art sex music # socially distanced sounds: belly - low red moon # spoil a perfectly pleasant self-isolation by listening to the gert lassitude demo tape march '20 # stumbled across this and now hope you do too. reminds me a bit of old canadian kids tv show the odyssey, which was also great # midway through this. have been enjoying it # judy speedway - happy # these people are great # 'parties make me feel like an alien in a person suit' # interesting. if you're here like us you're almost inevitably 100 years too old for this to be relevant, but thinking about the music scene i grew up in (britpop era, record labels throwing money at, well, everyone but us) this morning i was pondering the fact you don't see 'send us your music' type things from influential organisations/people so much now # luke's recent record is probably my favourite rekkid of late actually. while we're talking about luke # this new skills apartheid # luke's new podcast thing # project hindsight. fill in a questionnaire on data loss # the trip sort of means to me what fight club did when i was 22 # this idea didn't go anywhere. maybe you can do something with it. go wild. (.zip REAPER multitrack with WAVs, 410mb) # hammond song is special # i wish i was super7 # mr g and rich - terminal window # michael put me on to this: a marvellous book, sort of 'zooming in' on one chapter of a book previously mentioned here. well written - meticulously written - journalism, like a very good, very long graun long read # vent 414 - life before you # not really possible to understate the impact winamp had on my life, or justin frankel's work in general # oil seed rape - parker knoll ep # laurence fox brain tumour # ich bin ein auslander # stumbled into one of these mobile-free pubs recently and thought it was marvellous # reading this because it cropped up when trying to find something published that supported my opinion that audio recording is nothing more than a fancy metaphor # colonialism # byline times. different news media? haven't investigated enough but reassured by presence of a friend # mr g plays a g # fragility # found on a hard drive. 2016? i like it when the acoustic guitar comes in. # cultural brexit